Things to NEVER Say To a New Mom - Avoid a Relationship Crisis

videos Dec 28, 2017

So you and your wife just had a baby. You’re excited, tired, and have all kinds of thoughts running through your head. Sometimes those thought come out into words before you really think. This is bad, very bad.

In this video, we review 12 things you should NEVER say to a new mom. You might think it, but don’t say it!

#1 – What did you do all day?  She took care of your baby. That’s actually enough.

#2 – When she asked you to do something and you respond with: That’s a mom’s job. Did you respond with that because you just don’t want to do it or are you really stuck back in the 1950s? Step up and help her.

#3 – Are we eating this for dinner again?  If someone prepares a dinner for you, you don’t complain. I don’t care whether she made it or bought it. If you don’t like it, do it yourself.

#4 – Stop Worrying! Worrying is a common parenting issue…and yes women have a tendancy to worry a little more than men. You might want to try deploying a little empathy. That may prevent her from thinking you are a insensitive jerk.

#5 – Why is this house so messy? That’s typically taken as “Why are you so incompetent? You are going down a slippery slope with this one. I’m going to suggest you step up your cleaning game a little and have a little more tolerance for things not being so perfect. It’s probably not going to go away soon. The other option would be to hire someone to clean for a bit if you can afford it.

#6 – Can’t you stop the baby from crying? I’m going to assume you have not tried picking up the child yourself? A crying baby is typically hungry, tired, or uncomfortable. Maybe you can try solving it yourself? After all the baby is half yours.

#7 – Must be nice hanging out with the baby all day. I’m sure she was sipping margaritas near the beach and reading her book all day. For those guys who think hanging with a baby all day is easy, I invite you to try it.

#8 – You look tired. Um…genius, she probably is tired. No comment needed.

#9 – You are taking another nap? This probably goes along with why she looks tired. If she taking naps, it means her body is tired and she probably does need it.

#10 – Are you going to take a shower? It may not have been the top priority on her list. If you are really concerned about her cleanliness, try preparing a bubble bath for her. There may be more effective ways to approach this situation.

#11 – You are not doing that right. Doesn’t matter what it is, don’t say that. “You might try, “Let me help you with that” instead.

#12 – When are you going to lose that baby weight? Do I really need to explain that one? I don’t think so.


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