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Toddler Discipline Strategies To Keep You From Going Crazy

anger attitude communication discipline disrespect parenting mistakes patience preschool (3-5) tantrums toddler (1-3) Jun 09, 2020

Toddler discipline is one of the most difficult topics for parents. Dealing with a toddler and understanding how to manage situations when they come up is something that nearly all parents struggle with.

In this video, Jason provides some specific toddler discipline strategies you can use to with your child. Whether your toddler is defiant or your toddler refuses to listen, its so important that we understand how much we actually are in control how we respond. Toddler discipline methods are really more about how we handle ourselves during these situations versus us doing something to the toddler.

Most parents associate toddler discipline with punishment. Jason also talks about how punishment doesnt teach children the correct behavior. Check out the video and let us know any issues you are having with your own toddler discipline.

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