Top 9 Reasons Why Dads Are Better Than Moms - Mother vs Father

fun Oct 05, 2017

There is a very large group of people that simply don’t get the credit they deserve. Yes, I’m talking about DADS. In this article and the video above, we go over 9 reasons why dads are better than moms.

I first want to give you a warning. This content is full of stereotypes, gender bias, and opinions or FACTS you may not like. But the reality is that everyone makes such a big deal about how wonderful moms are while they are pregnant, after the baby is born, and even throughout the parenting journey. Yes moms are great but we need to also talk about dads.

I’m here to stand up for Dads. Someone needs to do it. There are a tons of reasons why dads are better than moms. I picked out the top 9.

Here they are in no particular order:

#1 – Dads are better at playing – Maybe we are just big kids, but we have more fun with the kids than moms do. We play more games, more sports. Heck we will even play with dolls if that is what our kids are into.

#2 – Dads are funnier – We just are. Have you heard mom tell jokes? They are typically only funny to other moms. And often not that funny.

#3 – Dads get the kids to listen more – While it could be the higher likelihood of a louder and deeper voice, we prefer to think it’s just our skills and the way we communicate.

#4 – Dads are better at winning stuff – Those who say winning doesn’t matter probably never won anything. Go to your local county fair. Who’s going to win the huge stuffed animal for their kid? That’s right…DAD.

#5 – Dads are better at sound effects – When you have a baby or toddler, making sounds is extremely important. Mom’s just can’t do it. This also applies to using different character voices when reading books. So maybe we should broaden this to Dad are better at keeping the child entertained?

#6 – Dads are better at letting kids push their boundaries – Dads are more likely to allow their kids to be in a little more danger than mom would

#7- Dads dramatically decrease the child’s risk of drug and alcohol use (when a father’s is not present, the child is 4 times more likely to smoke or use drugs and alcohol)

#8 – Dads are better at ignoring screaming children – Master’s of ignoring, dad’s can let their kids yell and scream without acknowledging them much better than moms can

#9 – Dads fix stuff better – broken chain on your bike? need to get out a knot in a necklace? Need to fix something around the house? Car? You name it.

Watch the video here:


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