Trunk-or-Treat Ideas for Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

fun Sep 11, 2023
trunk or treat ideas

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If you’re looking for something a bit different this Halloween, why not try trunk-or-treat?

Think of trunk-or-treat as tailgating meets Halloween — only the goal isn’t to psych up for the big game, but to scare the socks off of the neighborhood kids, in a good-natured way, of course! You’re basically turning your car’s trunk into a mini theater of horror (or magical fairyland, depending on what your kid wants).

Trunk-or-treating is also an ideal alternative to traditional trick-or-treating if you don’t feel comfortable letting your child roam the streets on Halloween night. Plus, planning trunk-or-treat decorations is a great way to add another layer of fun to your Halloween celebrations and bond with your kids.

There’s honestly no shortage of trunk-or-treat ideas you can do! The most important thing is that it’s something your kid would love. Check out our 13 awesome suggestions below to get you started.


1. Classic Creepy Cemetery Trunk-or-Treat

Halloween isn’t the same without creepy cemetery or graveyard decor. It’s one of the easiest themes to do, too! Grab some faux tombstones from the local party supply store, perhaps a couple of skeleton bones to come out of the ground, and maybe a fog machine for that extra spooky touch. Remember, the eerier, the better!


2. Zombie Apocalypse Trunk-or-Treat

What’s Halloween without a few walking dead? Deck your trunk out in full apocalypse survival gear, complete with a “HELP” sign, and maybe a faux chainsaw or two for good measure. Throw on some torn clothes and a bit of theatrical makeup, and you’ve got your own zombie horde.


3. Marvel or DC Superheroes Trunk-or-Treat

You definitely won’t go wrong with doing a superhero-themed Halloween trunk-or-treat! For Marvel fans, why not deck your trunk into the Avengers HQ or turn it into the colorful world of the Spiderverse? For DC lovers, there’s always Superman and the rest of the Justice League.


4. Disney Princesses Trunk-or-Treat

For those with little princesses, try a Disney princess theme. Decorate your trunk with tiaras, glass slippers, and a magic carriage. Maybe you could make it a snow castle to match your little Frozen queen. If your princess wants both the scary and the glittery, then maybe the Evil Queen’s lair to match her Snow White? The options here are endless.


5. Pirates of the Caribbean Trunk-or-Treat

Ahoy, mateys! Bring the swashbuckling adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow to the parking lot with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Turn your trunk into a pirate ship using treasure chests brimming with gold coin chocolates, and don’t forget to include a few pirate flags and treasure maps. This theme not only gives the kids some fun; it also allows you to channel your inner pirate!


6. Star Wars Universe Trunk-or-Treat

Star Was Trunk or Treat Kit

May the Force be with you this Halloween! Transform your trunk into an intergalactic spaceship or a Tatooine landscape. Decorate with Star Wars figures and ships, like the Millennium Falcon or the Death Star, and of course, don’t forget Darth Vader’s Stormtroopers! This one definitely brings out the kid in anyone. Put on a dark robe and dust off your own lightsaber to play the part of the Sith!


7. Ghostbusters Trunk-or-Treat

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! This Halloween, turn your trunk into a ghost-busting station with ghosts, slime-green decorations, and a proton pack! You can even dress up as your favorite member of the crew. Then, it’s your job to fill their bags or pails to the brim. and keep the parking lot safe from ghosts, ghouls, and the occasional Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!


8. Jurassic Park Trunk-or-Treat

If your kid loves dinosaurs, it’s time for a Jurassic Park theme! Transform your trunk into a dinosaur-infested jungle, complete with toy dinosaurs, big leaves fake greenery, and egg nests. Add an extra element of fun by hanging a “Beware, Dinosaurs!” sign or dressing up as a dino trainer.


9. Super Mario Trunk-or-Treat

Level up your Halloween with a Super Mario theme! Turn your trunk into a scene straight from the iconic video game with green pipes, power-up mushrooms, Piranha Plants, and gold coins! You might even want to toss in a homemade Princess Peach castle. You could even dress up as Mario or Luigi for the complete effect!


10. Harry Potter Trunk-or-Treat

A wizard-inspired trunk-or-treat is always a hit around Halloween time. Go for your or your kids’ house colors and decorate with wands, brooms, witch hats, house banners, and Hogwarts-themed goodies. Don’t forget to dress up as your favorite character too!


11. Minecraft Trunk-or-Treat

For the tech-savvy kids (and dads), a Minecraft-themed trunk-or-treat is a pixelated paradise that’s super easy to make! All you really need are lots of boxes. Create a blocky wonderland right in your trunk using cardboard boxes painted to resemble dirt, trees, and maybe the occasional Creeper. In the world of Minecraft, the only limit is your imagination.


12. Pokemon Trunk-or-Treat

You gotta catch ’em all this Halloween with a Pokemon-themed trunk! Turn your trunk into a real-life Pokedex with cutouts of Pikachu or your favorite Pokemon. You can even go for a fun yet spooky theme with Gengar and other ghost-type monsters. Don’t forget to throw in a Pokeball or two. 


13. Haunted House Trunk-or-Treat

Since the kids aren’t going house to house, why not bring the house to them?  Set the scene by filling your trunk with creepy dolls, cobwebs, skeleton or ghost props, jack-o-lanterns, and other spooky or creepy decor. For an even scarier setup, why not add some smoking cauldrons or maybe even the Grim Reaper himself?


Have a Spooktacular Trunk or Treating Evening

There you have it, fellow dads — a treasure trove of fun, spooktacular trunk-or-treat decoration ideas to make this Halloween a night to remember for your little ones. No matter what your kid loves, there’s a way to create an awesome trunk-or-treat scene. With creativity, team effort, and the right Halloween decoration dealer, you can make sure your kids have a great Halloween.

Remember, you’re not out to scare the daylights out of them, but to ensure they have so much fun they’ll be the ones haunting you for more next year!

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