What Do Mom's Want? - 7 Secrets to Her Happiness

lifestyle Mar 11, 2021
What Do Mom's Want

On the surface, moms often seem to have things figured out as they attend to tasks at home and do their best to raise their kids. With that said, there are still plenty of things we can do to make the mothers of our children happy.

Sometimes, moms aren’t the best at articulating what they need and want. Ignore the signs of fatigue and dissatisfaction for too long, and your relationship can suffer. So, what do moms want? Below, we’ll answer this question and give you some pointers on how to make mom happy.

1. Mom Wants To Feel Supported

Support is the cornerstone of any strong partnership. Knowing this, a mom wants to know that in all things parent-related, you’ve got her back.

Whether it’s deciding which school to send your kids to or dealing with in-laws, you and your wife need to be on the same page. By ensuring that you and Missus see eye to eye on things, she’ll feel a blanket of support and less alone in her responsibilities as both a wife and parent.

By the way, don’t confuse supporting mom with throwing your wants, needs, and opinions on the back burner. There’s still a place for them, but you just need to be on a united front when it comes to most decisions — especially when you’re in the presence of your kids.

2. Mom Wants You To Help

Parenthood is a partnership. As a partnership, it demands not just your wife’s efforts but yours too. Unfortunately, your wife may not always be able to tell you this straight up, which is why you need to pitch in whenever you can.

By helping mom out, you’ll be lightening things up at home, making her feel that you’ve got her back. Once again, it’s all about making mom feel supported.

You can assist your wife in several ways, many of which you’re already familiar with. Simply accompanying her to the grocery store, doing the dishes, and changing the newborn’s diaper when you can are simple ways to help your wife out.

Once she feels your support, you’ll be amazed at how happier she is overall.

3.  Mom Wants You To Understand

Parenthood is far from being a cakewalk, and this is why being a supportive partner is key when you’re trying to make mom happy.

Now, you might be thinking that parenthood takes a toll on you too. While being a dad comes with its share of responsibilities, consider for a moment that parenthood can be tougher on your wife.

Think about it.

Mom goes through hormonal shifts, recovers from childbirth, and still does things around the house. Despite how hard parenthood hits you, it will never hit you as hard as your wife.

For this reason, it’s your job to show her that you understand the difficulties she feels. You’ll be amazed at how much more serene and peaceful she’ll be when you tell her “I know you’re having a hard time, but I’m here for you.”

4.  Mom Wants You To Care

We know, even on an intuitive level, that our wives want us to care. However, what’s not always cut and dry is what we as dads are supposed to care about.

For the most part, moms want us dads to care about the entire family and not just them. The reason for this is that family takes priority for moms. The family and what surrounds it (like the home) become part of a mom’s identity, so any effort you make toward this means the world to her.

To show that you care in a meaningful way, don’t hold back on affirming words like “I care about you and the kids” or “I see you doing such an incredible job.”

Of course, caring doesn’t stop there. Other ways of showing care include offering to help out more around the house and asking in depth about how her day went.

Do all this, and you’ll be showing mom that she and the family are what you’re all about.

5. Mom Wants You To Listen

Imagine your wife telling you about how badly her day went.

Work was awful.

The dishes piled up.

There are numerous clothes on the floor just waiting to be picked up and thrown in the laundry basket.

Do you know what the wrong response to all this is? It’s to try to solve every problem.

While this does address what makes mom unhappy and frustrated, it’s more like a band-aid solution. To better support your wife, you should listen instead.

Listening involves acknowledging your wife’s feelings instead of jumping on every problem. It’s an act of empathy as you sit quietly with her and recognize what she’s feeling without any judgment.

6. Mom Wants To Feel Appreciated

Motherhood can be a pretty thankless task. Day in and day out, your wife’s efforts can go unnoticed, and it’s something that we as dads tend to take for granted sometimes.

For this reason, one of the simplest but most powerful things you can do is to show appreciation for your wife. By being appreciative of what she does, you’ll send the message that her efforts mean the world to you and that she’s excellent at her role as a mother and wife.

Showing appreciation isn’t just about saying “thank you.” You can express your gratitude in your own way, whether it’s with flowers, a card, or a morning hug.

7. Mom Wants a Break

Moms face a whirlwind of responsibilities, so know that your wife needs a break too from time to time.

One of the ways you can promote your wife’s sabbatical from her tasks is by encouraging her desire for self-care. Send her to a spa every now and then, or if you want something a bit more intimate, offer to give her a massage yourself at the end of a tough day.

If that doesn’t work, a day or week where you take on all household tasks is sure to do the trick.


Your wife isn’t neglecting her responsibilities by wanting to rest.

Support her in this, and witness the positive impact on her well-being.

Make Mom Happy Today

Ultimately, making mom happy is all about being supportive. By showering her with sincere gestures, you’re telling her how much you appreciate what she does.

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