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Avoiding Common Dad Mistakes Course

Our heart and intentions might be in the right place, but we still are making many common dad mistakes.  Rarely does anyone tell us we are making these mistakes and the impact they can have on our children.  Learn how to avoid these common dad mistakes.


Any Father


Any Device

What You Will Learn:

Section A

We discuss the 2 goals of this course and why it's important to recognize mistakes.

Section B
Dad Mistakes We Make With Our Children [Part 1]

Learn 7 common dad mistakes that so many of us are making and how we can avoid them.  

Section C
Dad Mistakes We Make With Our Children [Part 2]

We cover an additional 7 common dad mistakes. Many of these are being made without realizing it.

Section D
Dad Mistakes We Make With Our Daughters

We cover specific mistakes we make with our girls and how these mistakes impact them.  

Section E
Dad Mistakes We Make With Our Sons

Many of these mistakes are long standing problems parents have caused for our boys.

Section F
Conclusion & Homework

We wrap up the course and you get a valuable homework assignment to recognize and work through to improve your parenting.

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