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Creating a Bond With Your Child Course

Many fathers desire to establish or improve the bond with their child.  This course helps you understand exactly how to create a life-long connection with your child.  Your relationship can be strong, resilient, and full of love.  Your child is ready, are you? 

Any Father
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What You Will Learn:

Section A

An overview of what to expect in this course to create a bond with your child.

Section B
Unconditional Love

We explore unconditional love vs conditional love and how it effects the parent / child relationship.

Section C

We use our upbringing, culture, or beliefs not to be affectionate. Dad's affection matters.

Section D
Feeling Connected

We go over how crucial being connected is for a child's well-being and provides tips on what to do.

Section E
Family Meetings

Learn the benefits of family meetings and how you can improve your family's connection.

Section F
Family Meal Time

An often overlooked situation, we review the impact family meals can have on the family.

Section G
Building Trust

Understand how to build trust and how it can strengthen the bond you have with your child.

Section H
Conclusion & Homework

Get the homework assignments and practice what you have learned with your child.

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