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Effective Discipline Strategies Course

The way we discipline is often guided by our own past, our intuition, or even by cultural norms.  Learn the components of effective discipline and how you can implement strategies to build a bond with your child as well as have love, respect, and harmony in your home.

1h 25m

Fathers of Children
Age 2+

Any Device

What You Will Learn:

Section A

A welcome to the course and overview of what to expect in this effective discipline course.

Section B
Styles of Parenting

Learn the 4 major styles of parenting and their potential impact on your child.

Section C
History of Effective Discipline

Where do these discipline philosophies come from?  Understand the teachers of the past.

Section D
Using Rewards

Rewards and reward charts are a popular method for shaping behavior. Do they work?

Section E
Types of Punishment, Part 1

We discuss common types of punishment used to discipline children and their effects on the child.

Section F
Types of Punishment, Part 2

Dive into even more ways we often punish our children.  Are these types effective? 

Section G
Being Their Coach

What is the role of being a Coach and how can this tactic be applied to parenting?

Section H
Discipline Tips

Learn valuable and effective discipline tips that can be used to improve behavior.

Section I
Negative Attention

We spend so much time in the negative. Learn to optimize the attention you provide your child.

Section J
Positive Attention

See how to maximize your effectiveness using positive attention. It's a game changer.

Section K
Outro & Homework

Conclusions and instructions for homework exercises to enforce what you learned.

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