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Getting Your Child to Listen Course

Many dads find it difficult to get their child to listen. We often yell, repeat the same things over and over, and yet still don't seem to get through.  Learn how you can improve your communication skills and get your child to listen.

24 Minutes

Fathers of Children
Age 2+

Any Device

What You Will Learn:

Section A

A brief overview of communication. Change in your child starts with you.  

Section B
Complaining is Draining

Learn the negative effects of complaining and it's effect (or lack of it) on behavior.  

Section C
Better Communication Pt 1

Easy to implement tips for better communicating with your child.

Section D
Better Communication Pt 2

We continue the tips for communication and offer more solutions you can practice with your child.

Section E
Improve Your Listening Skills

While many of us are good at talking, we usually aren't as good at listening.  Learn the secrets.

Section F
Conclusion & Homework

Practice makes perfect.  Get your homework assignments to practice with your child.

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