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Leading By Example Course

Children are listening, watching, and hearing nearly everything we do.  As parents, we are typically the single largest influence to our child.  This Leading By Example course is designed to show you how important your actions are and how much you can positively impact your child. 


Fathers of Children
Age 2+

Any Device

What You Will Learn:

Section A

An overview of what you will learn in this leading by example course and the value it brings.

Section B
Child Development

Learn some context of what is considered "normal" in early child development.

Section C
Improving Your Patience

Understand techniques to improve your patience and why it's so important as a father.

Section D
Leading By Example

Children watch, listen, and hear everything. Your character, what you do, and how you do it matters.

Section E
Building Resilience

We see how physical, mental, and emotional resilience are crucial to our children.

Section F
Emotional Responsibility

We get to decide how we feel and stop blaming others for our emotions.  

Section G
Being Proud of Your Child

Get your child to feel good from within without external feedback and they will be resilient. 

Section I
Outro & Homework

Lessons to improve patience, build resilience, and take responsibility for emotions.

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