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Your Relationship - Survive or Thrive Course

For most men, the dynamic of their relationship changes when they have a child.  Roles change, responsibilities increase, and your priorities can shift.  Throughout this change, it's important to understand how to keep your relationship thriving, rather than just surviving. Don't leave it up to change.  It takes specific actions to create a loving, fulfilling relationship.




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What You Will Learn:

Section A

An overview of this relationship course on what you will learn and how it can impact you.

Section B
Why Women Fall in Love

It's not what you think.  Learn the secret of why women fall in love. 

Section C
Understanding Women

Here we celebrate the differences of women and men to create greater understanding. 

Section D
What Do Moms Want?

While some may tell you, many do not.  We tell you exactly what they want so there is no guessing. 

Section E
How to Thrive in a Relationship - Part 1

We give you specific tips on what you can do now to make lasting changes.

Section F

How to Thrive in a Relationship - Part 2

Additional tips and advice to impact your relationship immediately.  

Section G
Outro & Homework

Practice makes perfect.  We give you 3 assignments to reinforce the lessons.

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