Parenting Tips for Dads with Daughters

parenting Feb 17, 2021
Parenting Tips for Dads with Daughters

In the past, we’ve shared tips and tricks about raising a son. For us dads, dealing with a son can be a lot simpler than dealing with a daughter as we’re really just molding smaller versions of ourselves. With that said, there’s just something different about raising a daughter, which is why dads with daughters are often at a loss when it comes to their role.

Luckily, we at Dad University have your back. With the below tips for girl dads, you’ll discover how straightforward it is to raise a little girl who feels loved and cherished.

Without further ado, here are our seven parenting tips for dads with daughters. Stick around until parenting tip number six because it’s one most dads overlook!

1. Don’t Limit What She Can Do

For years, it has been the norm to say that x, y, and z are activities reserved for boys and not girls (and vice-versa). While some activities are truly ones that different genders can excel at, be careful about limiting the activities your daughter can take part in.

Doing this doesn’t just box her into a handful of endeavors but by telling her that some activities or hobbies are for just girls or boys, you might dent her confidence and prevent her from trying new things in the future.

Instead of telling your daughter which sports, hobbies, or tasks she should perform, the best thing you can do is to let her discover them for herself.

2. Get Involved in Her Activities

Speaking of activities, when your daughter displays an interest in one, go all in and get involved. Being engaged in what your little girl is into gives her a sense of assurance that you’ve got her back and that what makes her happy makes you happy too.

Now, granted, you’re not likely to enjoy the same things your daughter is into. Nevertheless, if you want your bond to grow stronger, you need to place your personal interests on the back burner temporarily.

Trust us. Nothing can bolster your connection with your little girl more than your involvement with her activities — except maybe girl dad tip number three!

3. Focus on the Inside

Here’s a hack to connecting with your daughter — compliment her. However, when you do, be sure to focus on what’s inside. Here’s why:

Making your little girl aware of her positive internal qualities will help raise her self-esteem. By complimenting her on qualities like her wit and resilience, you’ll be reinforcing behaviors that match those qualities.

Another reason for complementing your daughter’s positive internal traits is because doing so can empower her. Internal qualities like bravery, intelligence, and industriousness are traits she can discover, cultivate, and develop.

In short, these qualities are within her control. Compliment her on these, and she’ll attach praise to the effort she puts in instead of “uncontrollables” like her appearance.

Are we saying you can’t ever say anything about your little girl’s appearance? Of course you can, as long as it’s positive — just make sure you focus on what’s inside, too.

Leading on to the next tip…

4. Don’t EVER Say Anything Negative About Your Daughter’s Appearance

Negative comments about appearance have a way of staying in your daughter’s mind for a long time. In fact, such comments can be so hurtful to your little girl that she’ll likely remember them well into adulthood.

We’ve talked to hundreds of women who have suffered from self-esteem issues because of seemingly harmless comments about their appearance. And who were the sources of these comments? If you said their dads, you guessed right.

Saying negative things about your daughter’s appearance does little to improve her self-esteem and empowers her in no way. This is why we encourage dads with daughters (and sons) to focus their comments on what’s on the inside.

5. Be Supportive, Not Overprotective

Being an overprotective dad can do two things to your daughter, and neither is desirable.

First, it can limit your child’s experiences. This is detrimental, especially if you want your daughter to develop resilience and problem-solving skills. Worse yet, limited experiences can rob your daughter of potentially fulfilling and enjoyable experiences. You don’t want that, do you?

Second, overprotection isn’t conducive to your daughter’s sense of independence. By constantly monitoring your daughter’s activities and stepping in during every mishap or incident, you’re telling her that you’ll always be around.

Instead of “helicopter parenting,” be supportive instead of being protective. Being supportive involves allowing your daughter to experience activities and situations and letting her handle whatever problem comes her way.

6. Treat Mom Well

If you want your daughter to know how well she should be treated, start by treating mom well. How you act with your wife sets the tone for how your daughter should be treated in the future. Because she sees you as an example, she’ll be less likely to settle for people who treat her poorly in the future.

Treating mom well isn’t just something your wife wants — it’s also what your daughter needs and sets a valuable example for how she needs to be treated in the future.

7. Spend One-on-One Time With Your Daughter

Spending quality time with your daughter is essential to developing and strengthening your connection with her. Because of how critical quality time is, you must actively dedicate some one-on-one time to your little girl, despite your busy schedule.

So, what does one-on-one time look like? It can be a simple walk in the park or an afternoon at the ice cream parlor.

If your daughter is older, it can be coffee at a local cafe she enjoys.

Whatever activity you choose, just ensure that it enables you to have a meaningful conversation with your daughter.

Give These Daughter Parenting Tips a Try Today!

By implementing the tips we’ve shared, you’ll not only improve your relationship with your daughter but your efforts as a dad will also be critical to your daughter’s future development as you support and empower her.

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